Brian was retained by another law firm to assist in a transaction which required the seller to tender on the purchaser. The purchaser refused to complete the transaction and thus a tender was necessary. The transaction was valued at 35 million dollars. The transaction subsequently closed.

Brian was retained by a private investor to act on the purchase of a portfolio of defaulted mortgages on valuable commercial property.

Brian was retained by a Canadian chartered bank to handle a sale of vacant land which was sold under power of sale. Brian handled the sale process for the bank.

Brian was retained by a group of investors who needed to enforce their mortgage. The mortgage was in default and the rents were attorned. The mortgagor then purported to sell the property for the assumption of the mortgage. A mortgage which had matured, cannot be assumed as it is due and payable. A transfer was registered and the new owner attempted to intercept the rent income. With the assistance of outside counsel an injunction application was commenced. The parties resolved their differences quickly and the property was subsequently sold. The investors received all their principal and interest and fees were paid by the new buyer.